­Admittedly, it’s been a long while since we had enough energy and optimism to work in this sphere again. We have watched all that we remember of the local music scene change, and slowly fade. Newer generations brought an altogether new strain of music and an ethos unfamiliar to us. All of this is fine, of course, but we still miss our own old brand of unity.

Enough with the fruitless nostalgia, though – Reciprocal Records is back! We are not yet as heavy-duty as we would like to be, but can still open a relatively decent can of whoopass. In this spirit we are building up to include new services with the aim of doing what we should all be doing – Empowering local talent.

We are still working on the new version of this site. Until then we shall be making regular updates on our Facebook Page.

The RR Legacy

Reciprocal Services Logo

As a nod to our past we are keeping the old Reciprocal Records site available. Be advised that it is still using outdated flash technology. However, if you feel like messing around with chrome settings and revisiting it, be our guest.

RR Shop

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Still very much under construction but it works! Contact us directly here if you are interested in either setting up your page with owned releases or if you are after items from our older catalogue.

Reciprocal Services

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Reciprocal Records is focused on helping bands along in the most effective manner using practical methods. For any other of our professional services, please refer to our sister company for more details on what we can offer you.